#4CQuiet: Anti-Ableist Collective Network Platform

This webpage is under construction and will be modified prior to CCCC 2020. If you would like to offer suggestions or comments on this process, let us know at antiableistcomposition@gmail.com or on Twitter @antiableistcomp.

For this year’s Conference on College Composition and Communication, the Anti-Ableist Composition Collective will be implementing a “beta” initiative, 4CQuiet, in order to cultivate a more accessible conference experience for autistic, neurodivergent, and disabled folx who want to network and socialize while also being safe, comfortable, and in quiet/sensory-friendly environments.

How It Works

On Twitter, using the #4CQuiet hashtag, let your followers know where you’ll be, for what time period, and for what level of engagement you are seeking or open to. Here’s an example, using the quiet room location as an example (though, of course, the quiet room is not the appropriate place to “socialize”):

@codyjacksonar: Schlitz Room, Fourth Floor Hilton, 10:00-11:00am. Open to conversation, working or sitting together in silence, and alternative communication platforms. #4CQuiet

CCCC, as an ongoing product of work by both the Committee on Disability Issues and the Standing Group on Disability Studies, already provides a number of options that are incredibly helpful in terms of accessing the conference space-time. These include, but are not limited to:


Special thanks goes to Johnathan Smilges, Christina V. Cedillo, Justin H. Cook, Ruth Osorio, Adam Hubrig, Jesse Rice-Evans, the CCCC Committee on Disability Issues, and the CCCC Standing Group on Disability Studies.