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Anti-Ableist Composition: A Collective Workspace

Welcome to Anti-Ableist Composition, a public-facing curation project dedicated to spotlighting scholarship and activism dedicated to anti-ableist work. While the website is under construction, you can still find the curation of scholarship, activism, and work on the “Curations” page on the menu located on the top-right corner of this webpage.

Please email antiableistcomposition@gmail.com if you have comments, questions, or concerns related to accessibility. Also, please reach out if you’d like to collaborate more formally on any project related to anti-ableist composition theory, pedagogy, and praxis.

Recent Curations:

Header image description: a gradient dark-blue background with white, bold lettering in all-caps that reads “Anti-Ableist Composition.” Beneath this reads “Curating anti-ableist activism and scholarship” in dark yellow sentence-case serif font. The image is static and remains at the top of the website on all pages.